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Toni Morison’s “Sula” – where evil is a place

Evil is a place and it resides in Medallion, Ohio. The opening sentence of Sula recounts an act of annihilation, “In that place, where they tore the nightshade and blackberry patches from their roots to make room for the Medallion City Gold Course, there was once a neighborhood.”

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Aleister Crowley

The Great Beast

Theatrics, spectacle, ritual magic, kabbalistic ciphers and questionable libations laced with morphine and opium, became de rigueur in privileged Paris salons – all led by a self-appointed magus.

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image by Peter Herrmann

The Quivering Cavern-Light of Good and Evil

“I am willing to accept the notion that although the Devil is a very clever fellow, he is no match for some ninny who is merely good… And what is this goodness? A squalid, know-nothing acceptance of things as they are …”

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How Disaster Drives Economy

How Disaster Drives Economy Jørgen Randers, professor of climate strategy at the Norwegian Business School first addressed climate change in 1972 with his seminal work,

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